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How we addressed SPAM on
Junk and unsolicited or (SPAM) email remains a huge issue on the Internet today and I realize many folks (myself included) stopped using their email address because of excessive SPAM email. I am happy to announce that on top of Spam Assassin that runs on the new server for each and every account automatically, all destined emails get processed by a 3rd party (SPAM Filtering) service provider in their data center. Only after passing multiple tiers of email filtering servers is your email delivered to your inbox as legit. Spam Experts is 'service' and as such is far from free. Therefore each user can access reports if they choose as well as customize their services for any false positives or what have you. We pay per email box, per month subscriptions and so far our inboxes have been squeaky clean. For this reason only if you would like a email address you are welcome to it, but you must USE IT, and I will continue to offer and maintain the server and its services so we may all enjoy a permanent email address(es) we can tailor and configure to meet our needs, when we need it. Please explore config options mentioned below in the webmail section where individual users can configure their own settings and online www based mail clients.

WebMail: If even legit emails are something you need to filter you can easily do this on the server as all users have access via the web. Log into your email account via WebMail vs using you email client at ( you can then configure Spam Assassin Black lists, White lists, and other common features to block or allow certain addresses or domains as you see fit.

Configs: On you will find instructions and scripts you can download for your device type to configure email on that particular device for you. All protocols are supported but Secure SSL/TLS is highly recommended !! Using secure IMAP is preferred on mobile devices allowing push notifications of new mail vs periodic checking.

SSL: If you look at your top left browser corner this site should show up with a green padlock ensuring to you is SSL Secured and LEGIT! Certificates for https and secure email communications were purchased and will be renewed annually to ensure our safety and security. Server is reachable via non-secure methods but I am coding pages to redirect those non-secure requests to secure encrypted ports only. This way all old bookmarks will even redirect into SSL secured ports ensuring everyones safety with no learning curve.

* If you are not using a permanent "" email address then shame on you ! Use the contact form to request one.

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