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Old Web Home Pages
Providing the Genton family with a www home page portal and email server.

I am happy to announce that has been updated and relocated. Emails have always continued but the web page content has slowed down due to the loss of our webmaster. I have taken back the reigns of administration of the domain and this web/email server we are happy to provide for the ENTIRE GENTON FAMILY

With recent moves and upgrades has faster performance, higher bandwidth, and more storage than ever before while maintaining much higher security levels. We also now have SPAM and virus filtering on all family email accounts hosted on the server as well as a new certificate and SSL encryption.

During the move to the new server all family members' www page content was relocated to a directory named "oldwww". This allows for access to the old web site content while allowing for everyone to create a brand new home page at the same time. All legacy paths remain the same, the root directory was simply dropped into the oldwww folder to accommodate the old site 'as it was

If you would like the "oldwww" site you uploaded to be moved over as your "current" ( user site page then just let me know and I will get it done.

* If you are not using a permanent "" email address then shame on you ! Use the contact form to request one.

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